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Orion Nanofab


Three Ion Beams for Enhanced Flexibility in Sub-10 nm Fabrication

One system with three ion beams

Orion NanoFab is the only system in the world that covers the complete range of micromachining to nanomachining applications using gallium, neon and helium ion beams integrated in a single instrument.

Switches between gallium, neon and helium beams:

  • Neon beam can machine nanostructures at speed and with high throughput
  • Helium beam can create delicate sub-10 nm structures
  • Optional gallium FIB can remove massive material


  • Fabricates sub-10nm nanostructures with speed and precision.
  • Smaller spot sizes when comparing to FE-SEMs, thanks to smaller diffraction at apertures and smaller beam-sample interaction volumes when using an ion beam.
  • Get 5-10x greater depth of field than FE-SEMs.
  • Image with high resolution of 0.5 nm.
  • Avoids deposit contamination using neon and helium beams

Sophisticated capabilities

  • Nanopatterning and visualization engine: can create a range of fully editable shapes, and vector-fill them while maintaining full control over dose variation and patterning parameters.
  • Fabrication of ultra-fine structures with gas injection system: can deposit and etch ultra-fine structures quickly and with higher purity films using helium and neon beams.